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The Farm

The Farm of Les Vergers d'Escoute

Besides our harvest, we buy from other producers. For years, our investigation and our work allowed us to select the best producers for the best local products.

Ground quality and arborist’s hard working are the most important points to get the perfect fruits.

In Autumn “Ente” plum trees shed its leafs and as soon as sap fells down, cutting is starting.

Cutting will chase on winter and :
- Youngest trees are cut for a better development
- Oldest trees are cut to get more fruits

The appearance of spring is coming by blossoming and buds appear. Harvest can be annihilated by an early frost.

Until summer, orchard is maintained : grass mowing, tree treatments, watering…

Around August 15th, harvest starts with picking. Trees are shaken to bring mature fruits down :
- In a corolla for mechanical one.
- On the ground for manual picking up

Then, they are washed and sorted before being placed is grid, while will be piled on trolley up. Drying is realized in big ovens where a 80° (176 °F) draft is dehydrating fruits. After 20 hours of cooking, plum with 21% of humidity becomes prune.

We called “déclayage” when we move the fruits off from the tray rack. Then we sort them out and store them into wooden boxes.